Eat Awesome 5 Bucks - Digital eBook (PDF + ePub)

What’s included?

A 75-page, full-colour PDF digital/ebook, full of huge photos for every recipe, clickable resource links, and lots of practical information about plant-based, whole foods. PDFs can be read on computers, iPads, iPhones, Kindles and Android devices.

Five reasons to shell out 5 bucks ONE DOLLAR for this bundle of recipes, meal ideas & foodspiration.

  • It’s practical. This ebook is packed with useful, easy-to-understand information on plant-based cooking. It’s not a science textbook; it’s more like a conversation with a guy who really loves food.
  • It’s only 1 buck. You could buy a frou-frou nut milk latte with cinnamon fairy dust — or this ebook. In fact, buy both and enjoy them at the same time!
  • It’s pretty. You’ll find gorgeous, full-screen photos for every recipe in the ebook. And I know you love high-styling veggie visuals.
  • It’s friendly. This ebook won’t shame you into cooking or eating differently. It will show you new ideas, interesting meals, and encourage you to play with your food. No dogma, just deliciousness.
  • It’s got nut jokes. Lots of them (and there’s a whole section on using a nut sack). Nuts are funny. Don’t pretend they’re not.

It doesn’t matter if you call yourself vegan, raw, “Captain Stupendo” or Mom. You are what you eat — so why not eat awesome?

Look Inside

20+ gorgeous, full-screen photos for every recipe. Click the thumbnails to peek inside the ebook.
  • Eat Awesome - Quinoa salad
  • Eat Awesome - Cabbage rolls
  • Eat Awesome
  • Eat Awesome - Nut bag
  • Eat Awesome - Gomae
  • Eat Awesome - Raw pasta


“I’ve already started integrating Paul’s Eat Awesome recipes into my weekly meal plans. His straightforward approach to nourishing raw and cooked food makes it easy to be creative and put your own spin on the dishes (not that you need to, they’re already delicious!). I’m daydreaming about the Chickpea Curry right now...”

Corinne Bowen | Journalist, content editor & writing consultant

Eat Awesome is my kind of veggie-lovin’ book! It’s funny, never preachy and totally practical. What I love about Paul’s work is that he promotes real food, cooked the real way — not the processed vegan ‘food’ that so many of us have grown accustomed to eating.”

Natalia KW | Pure food chef, author of Pure Pleasures & Raw Food Juice Bar

“Call me immature, but there’s nothing funnier than a nut joke — which is one of the reasons Paul’s book is a winner in my eyes. The other reasons include his liberal use of the word ‘awesome’, and the fact that his philosophy is whole foods. Simple, natural, real food — it's the way ALL of us are designed to eat. Paul uses sensible, funny, ‘real person’ language to explain the benefits, misconceptions, and tips for eating a plant-based diet.”

Jessica Ainscough | Writer, blogger, holistic health coach

Eat Awesome makes me really appreciate the power of pure and simple food. (And I’ve been looking for a good veggie cabbage roll recipe for years, so that’s a bonus.) What’s more is that behind every great recipe and the ace design is a guy who fully lives his ‘Vegan is love’, philosophy. Truly awesome.”

Danielle LaPorte | Author of The Fire Starter Sessions

“Paul has truly created an open invitation to try a plant-based diet with Eat Awesome. The collection of gorgeous photos and down-to-earth, common-sense explanations of the lifestyle will have you wanting take the leap and dish up something new for yourself and your family. Above all, his dose of good humour makes learning about a plant-based diet, well, awesome!”

Ashley Pitman | Wellness educator, certified health coach


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About the author

Paul JarvisPaul Jarvis doesn’t know everything. But food is his life, and his life is pretty awesome. He’s a website designer, yogi, minimalist and touring musician. He believes veganism is love – and anyone who tells you otherwise can be kicked in the junk.

He lives with his amazing wife, Lisa, in Tofino, British Columbia. They’ve also got a llama named Starman, who lives on a rescue sanctuary in Washington.

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