The Things You Should Really Be Counting Instead of Calories

Most people that want to lose weight start to count their calorie intake. And while some swear by its effectiveness, this method isn’t necessarily the most reliable. That’s because the number of calories you eat isn’t an indicator of healthfulness. For one thing, we couldn’t say that calories are equal. Let’s look at an example: […]

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It’s Not in Your Head: Feeling Hangry Is a Very Real Thing

Did you ever pinpoint the connection between feeling hangry and feeling angry? That I to say, when you’re hangry, you are more likely to snap at those surrounding you, even if you don’t necessarily have a reason to do so? This unexpected and unreasonable rage is described as hanger – a feeling that combines anger […]

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3 Crazy Easy Ways to Cut Back on Sugar

Did you ever think of the amount of sugar you eat in a day? According to official reports, the average American consumes 19.2 teaspoons of sugar a day – which account for 82 grams. So, in a year, that would accumulate to 66 pounds of added sugar. As for the recommended intake of sugar, it […]

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