Hey, guys, welcome to the blog! First, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Mason and I am a fitness junkie. I spend lots of time at the gym working out myself and helping other people change their lives with sports. I am also keen on leading a healthy way of life to stay sound and strong as long as possible. What do I do for it? Gym, sports games, hiking with friends on the weekend. Besides doing sports I eat vegetables and fruit, drink a lot of water, try to stay away from sweets (I do my best) and alcohol.

But that’s not my job. In the future, I am going to become an IT specialist as I am currently studying Information Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I`ve been into IT since childhood and always fixed computers for all my neighbors when I used to live in my hometown. Now I do the same for my friends here, in Chicago.

So far you might be wondering what is this blog about? Maybe, in a few years, I will start writing about IT when I have enough experience to share. For now, I feel like sharing some tips of mine on a healthy lifestyle and fitness. Here you will find three categories of posts. First of all, about food, cooking, places where to buy quality food, even some recipes from time to time. Secondly, I will write about sports, going to the gym and the goals you should set and achieve there. And I will also give some general advice on healthy lifestyle and good habits you need to have right now. So, let`s get started!