1) How to start doing sports if you are lazy?

We are all lazy, that`s not an excuse for eating junk food or not going to the gym. But what you have to find out is what sport you find the most enjoyable. If you like what you do, then it will be much easier to get out of the bed in the morning and go working out.

2) What are your hobbies besides sport?

I don`t have too much time as I am still a full-time student who gets quite a few homework assignments and all kinds of tasks to do. After classes, I go to the gym. Sometimes I manage to have a spare minute on the weekend. Then I prefer listening to music. As well as my father I collect old vinyl records and love relaxing listening to them alone, with my father who is a true music lover or my friends. In summer I also travel with my family to Europe where my elder sister lives. As you can see, not that many.

3) Three foods you cannot live without.

Pretty obviously but avocado which I used to hate as a child and now I cannot name anything tastier. I make avocado toasts with tomatoes, sea salt and chilly every other day and I am not going to stop. I also love boiled eggs and can eat them on toasts or in salads. Among my weird food preferences, you can find sea buckthorn oil. I am sure a few people reading this have even heard about it but when I was little my grandma used to make it herself and add some of this oil to salads mixing it with sunflower oil. I accidentally found it in the store a few years ago and started using again. Now I cannot live without it since it`s extremely delicious and of a very beautiful color.