Think Eat Awesome is... awesome? Want to spread the good word and the delicious food? Got a blog, ‘zine or New York Times column?

Here are five things you can do:

  1. Write a review. Post it on your blog or toss it onto the book’s Amazon page (coming soon). Tweet it. Tag it as #eatawesome on twitter or instagram. Share it on Facebook. Submit it to your local health and wellness magazine or monthly co-op newsletter. Send it to the editor of VegNews. Send it to your mom.
  2. Steal the video. Take the promotional video for Eat Awesome and embed it on your website or blog. It’s got spinning plates, jumping beans, and let’s face it, stop animation is just plain sweet. It’s the perfect addition to your book review (see the first point). Copy and paste the following embed code: Coming soon!
  3. Interview Paul. Food is Paul’s life, and his life is pretty awesome. He wrote Eat Awesome because dozens of friends, family members and social media folks kept asking really good questions about plant-based, whole food cooking. You might have a question or two, and that’s cool. Send a note to paul [at] eatawesome [dot] ca.
  4. Point them to Got a ‘good reads’ or ‘cool links’ section of your blog/site? List Eat Awesome in the round up. Writing your own recipe book? List Eat Awesome in the ‘Resources’ section. Doing a weekly ‘things I dig’ link list? Eat Awesome loves you, baby! Just saying.
  5. Tweet and share it up. You can also tag instagram photos or tweets with #eatawesome to share with other Eat Awesome readers what you’re cooking up from these recipes and meal ideas!



Want some copy + paste language for your blog post, review or searing interview? Here’s Eat Awesome in 86 words:

Eat Awesome is a regular person’s guide to plant-based, whole foods. It includes practical pantry-stocking tips, kitchen-hacking tricks, and most importantly, over 30 nourishing recipes and meal ideas. No dogma, just deliciousness. Veganism is love, baby!

Author Paul Jarvis (a kitchen scientist, maple syrup fiend and llama-lover) wrote Eat Awesome with a very simple principle in mind: You are what you eat – so why not eat awesome?

Read reviews, swoon over sample recipes with photos, or buy the digital book at